Advanced Rpg Maker

I was searching around the forums for some interesting reads when I came across these beauties. I think its a really awesome idea to have some Rpg Maker Magazines. Thank you, Amy Pond! This is something I’m sure people will enjoy. I’m going to stop talking now, and you can see for yourself. 🙂

Advanced Rpg Maker Issue #1

Advanced Rpg Maker Issue #2

Advanced Rpg Maker Issue #3

Advanced Rpg Maker Issue #4

Update – Pale Wind’s of Eternity


Hello folks! I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Here’s a sneak peek inside the editor at one of my many towns in Pale Winds of Eternity. In the screenshot featured above is a Castle Town I’m currently working on; it’s almost finished, I’m just missing a little more detail on the grass and some NPC’s roaming around.

Please, I welcome comments on the mapping skills; keep in mind that their are events on the map that aren’t as visible as they would be in-game. This is the only way I can show more of the map in one image. Please Comment in the Projects section of my blog. 🙂